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Monday, August 10, 2015

EEE MCQ: Distrbution of Electrical Energy

EEE Interview Tips. Important MCQ of Distribution of Electrical Energy. Click "Answer", find right Answer-
Answer লেখা ইমেজে ক্লিক করলে উত্তর অপশন দেখাবে।
1) Which distribution system is more reliable?
A) Radial system
B) Ring main system
C) Tree system
D) all of above

2) Common declared distribution voltage in Bangladesh for low voltage circuit is....
A) 230V
B) 400V
C) 440V
D) 11kV

3) For a consumer the most economical power factor is generally...
A) 0.95 lagging
B) 0.90 lagging
C) 0.95 leading
D) 0.85 lagging

4) At distribution substation voltage is stepped down to..
A) .23kV
B) .4kV
C) 6.6kV
D) 11KV

5) ..are the conductors, which connect the consumer terminals to the distribution.
A) Distributor
B) Feeder
C) Service main
D) None of above.

6) The loads on distribution system is...
A) balance
B) unbalance
C) both A and B
D) none of above

7) A circuit is disconnected by isolator when....
A) line is energize
B) there is no current in the line
C) line is full load
D) none of above

8) For combined power and lighting loads are used............ system.
A) 3-phase 4 wire
B) 3-phase 3 wiret
C) 1-phase 3 wire
D) 1-phase 2 wire

9) Which of the following has best suited for 3-phase 4 wire service?
A) delta-star
B) delta-delta
C) star-star
D) delta-star

10) A lightning arrester is usually located nearer to-
A) transformer
B) circuit breaker
C) isolator
D) feeder

11) A booster is connected in .... with the feeder.
A) series
B) parallel
C) both A & B

12) Boosters are basically
A) transformers
B) inductors
C) capacitor
D) synchronous motors.

13) A distributor is designed from ....... consideration.
A) frequency
B) voltage drop
C) current capacity
D) none above

14) The fact that a conductor carries more current on the surface as compared to core, is known as
A) skin effect
B) unsymmetrical fault.
C) permeability
D) corona

15) The current drawn by the line due to corona losses is
A) sinusoidal
B) non-sinusoidal
C) square
D) none of above

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