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Monday, August 10, 2015

EEE MCQ: Generation of Electrical Energy

EEE Interview Tips. Important EEE MCQ: Generation of Electrical Energy. Click "Answer", find right Answer-
Answer লেখা ইমেজে ক্লিক করলে উত্তর অপশন দেখাবে।
1) Which is the primary source of energy?
A) water
B) sun
C) coal
D) nuclear

2) The highest point on the daily load curve represents-
A) maximum demand
B) diversity factor
C) load factor
D) average demand

3) In a thermal power station, economizers are used to heat
A) steam
B) air
C) feed water
D) coal

4) The ideal load factor should be...
A) 0.1
B) 0.5
C) 0.8
D) 1

5) The diversity factor is always
A) 1
B) less than 1
C) more than 1
D) None of above.

6) The load factor is generally.....
A) equal 1
B) less than 1
C) more than 1
D) none of above

7) The demand factor is generally.....
A) equal 1
B) less than 1
C) more than 1
D) none of above

8) The cost of fuel transmission is minimum in ...... plant.
A) nuclear power
B) diesel power
C) coal power
D) none of above

9) Which of the following is the cheapest power plant in operation and maintenance cost
A) diesel power plant
B) hydro-electric power plant
C) steam power plant
D) nuclear power plant

10) Diesel power plants are used as....
A) peak load
B) stand by
C) base load
D) continious load

11) Out of the following which one is not a unconventional source of energy?
A) Tidal power
B) Nuclear energy
C) Geothermal energy
D) Wind power.

12) In a coal power plant, coal is carried from storage place to boilers generally by means of
A) bucket
B) V-belts
C) trolleys
D) manually

13) Which engine will have highest efficiency, between given temperature limits?
A) Diesel cycle
B) Otto cycle
C) Carnot cycle
D) Dual cycle.

14) Supercharging of a diesel engine means
A) supplying pressurized air during suction
B) operating the engine with age
C) operating engine at higher altitudes
D) overloading the engine for peak load

15) In a thermal power plant, heat from the flue gases is recovered in
A) chimney
B) economizer
C) de-super heater
D) condenser

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