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Sunday, February 11, 2018

EEE Formula: Transformer

EMF of Primary Winding/Phase, Ep = 4.44NPfφM Volts
EMF of Secondary Winding/Phase, ES = 4.44NSfφM Volts
Transformation Ratio , k or a = Ep / ES = Np / NS  = IS / IP
No Load Loss, ωO  = Vi IO CosφO
Working Component, IW = IO CosφO
Magnetizing Component, Iµ  = IO SinφO
No load Power factor, CosφO = ωO  / Vi IO
Condition for Maximum Efficiency is:  Core Loss = Copper Loss
Hysteresis Loss, Ph = Kh f Bm 1.6  (Watt) [Here, Kh = Constant, Bm = Max. Flux Density, f= Frequency]
Eddy current loss, Pe = Ke f2 Bm2 t2  (Watt) [Here, Ke = Constant, Bm = Max. Flux Density, f= Frequency, t = Thickness of lamination sheet]
KVAMAX = KVARATED (Core Loss/F.L Copper Loss)
Full load copper loss 400W, in half load copper loss is: 400x (1/2)2
Auto Transformer:
Transformed Power = Delivered Power x (1-a)
Conducted Power = Delivered Power – Transformed Power

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