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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mechanical Engineering Important Interview Question Bank

Mechanical Engineering Important Interview Question Bank for any job exams.
1. Differentiate between Impulse and Reaction Turbine. What is staging in turbine?
2. Draw schematic diagram of closed cycle gas turbine and corresponding T-S diagram for single stage inter cooling and Single stage heating chamber.
3. Draw the block diagram of Vapor compression refrigeration system and the P-V , T-S Diagram.
4. What is the relation between specific heat at constant pressure and specific heat at constant volume.
5. Write the second Law of Thermodynamics with Example.
6. What is Carnot Cycle
7. What is closed cycle Gas turbine and draw the , P-V diagram and T-S Diagram of Closed cycle gas turbine.
8. What is VVTI?
9. What is Reynolds Number? What is the significant of Reynolds Number?
10. What is Nusselts Number?
11. Write down the second law of thermodynamics with practical examples
12. Draw P-V and T-S diagram of Carnot and stirling cycle.
13. What is the deviation of Ideal Rankine Cycle and Actual Rankine Cycle?
14. Draw the schematic diagram of combined cycle power plant.
15. Draw the T-S Diagram of Vapor-Compression cycle.
16. What is Kelvin-Plank law?
17. What is the relation between C and K?
18. Temperature profile of counter flow and parallel flow heat exchanger.
19. Write the Bernoulli equation. Is it ok for Newtonian fluid.
20. Differentiate- a) Newton’s Law & Daltons law b) Physical change & Chemical change c) Production & Manufacturing d) speed & velocity e) acceleration & retardation. f) Boyl’s law.
21. What is draft tube in Hydraulic turbine?
22. What is critical point of temperature of Water?
23. What is corundum ?
24. Which material is used in Aeroplane ?
25. Name some physical properties of Metal.
26. What do you mean by Environmental pollution?
27. name the recent EU agreement on Carbon emission reduction.
28. Difference between pump, compressor, blower and fan.
29. What is volumetric efficiency?
30. What is Ton of Refrigeration?
31. Define Ton of refrigeration and COP.
32. What are the characteristics of good refrigerant?
33. Why sub-cooling is necessary in refrigeration system.
34. Relation between COP and Power of Refrigerant.
35. What is the effect of Sub-cooling in Refrigerator?
36. What is Centrifugal pump?
37. What is priming of centrifugal pump? and how it is maintained.
38. Write the different parts of the Centrifugal pump and the Performance curve of Centrifugal Pump.
39. Write down the major and minor losses in pumping system.
40. List of main components of Steam power plant.
41. Advantages of gas turbine over steam turbine.
42. What is CCPT (combined cycle power plant) .
43. What’s type of cycle use in CCPT?
44. What is the other name of joule cycle?
45. Draw the p-v diagram of a joule cycle?
46. What is cavitation? What happen when it occurs?
47. Why use lubricant and lube oil?
48. When you should change lube oil?
49. Name the Types of bearing?
50. What is the flow of Centrifugal Compressor?
51. Which thermal Efficiency- Petrol and Diesel Engine?
52. Why the Thermal Efficiency of Diesel is higher than Petrol Engine?
53. What is the Compression ratio of Petrol Engine?
54. Differentiate between CI and SI Engine
55. Why flywheel is used in IC Engines?
56. Spark timing increase what will be the effect?
57. Why the thermal efficiency is higher in Diesel Engine than Petrol Engine.
58. Starts 30 oC before of TDC and ends after 150C –Which Cycle represents?
59. Write the relation of Indicated Horse power, Brake horse power and Frictional Horse Power.
60. Why the Refrigerant compressor is used?
61. Why the reciprocating Compressor are very suitable for?
62. What is the Aeroplane compressor system?
63. What is chocking in Compressor?
64. What is the function of diffuser in Compressor?
65. What is fouling factor ? what is the importance of it at the design of boiler.
66. What is boiler mountings and accessories? Name 3 mountings and accessories.
67. What is Economizer? How it works?
68. What is super heater and why it is used?
69. What is the Boiling point of water at Atmospheric pressure?
70. What is fouling factor ? what is the importance of it at the design of boiler.
71. What is the affect of raising temperature in Boiling point of water?

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