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Friday, February 9, 2018

Most Important Basic Electricity (DC) MCQ

Most Important Basic Electricity (DC Ckt) MCQ (50 MCQ) for EEE Interview.
Answer লেখা ইমেজে ক্লিক করলে উত্তর অপশন দেখাবে।
1.Resistivity of a wire depends on…
A. Material
B. Temperature
C. Cross section area
D. Length

2.The Resistance of wire is r ohm. The wire is stritched to double its length, then its resistance will be -
A. r/2
B. 4r
C. r
D. 2r

3.A wire of 0.14 mm diameter and specific resistance 9.6 ohm-cm is 440 cm long. The resistance of the wire will be
A. 27.3 ohm
B. 21.4 ohm
C. 27.4 ohm
D. 17.4 ohm

4.Which of the following has positive temperature coefficient ?
A. Gold
B. Germanium
C. Rubber
D. Electrolytes

5.Three 3 Ω resistors are connected to form a triangle. What is the resistance between any two of the corner?e
A. 9 Ω
B. 6 Ω
C. 3 Ω
D. 2 Ω

6.Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient ?
A. Electrolytes
B. Copper
C. Silver
D. Brush

7.Conductance of any conductor is expressed as
A. ohm-m
B. ohm
C. mho
D. m-ohm

8.Two 1 k, 1 W resistors are connected in series. Their combine resistance and wattage will be
A. 2K, 0.5W
B. 2K, 2W
C. 2K, 0.25W
D. 1K, 2W

9.The ratio of the resistance of a 200W, 230V lamp to that of a 100W, 115V lamp will be
A. 2
B. 4
C. 1/2
D. 1

10.Specific resistance is measured in
A. ohm-m
B. ohm
C. ohm/m
D. m/ohm

11.Tow bulbs marked 200 watts 250 V, and 100 watts 250 V are joined in series to 250 V supply. The power consumed by the circuit is
A. 67 watts
B. 300 watts
C. 133 watts
D. 166 watts

12.Which of the following is not the unit of electrical power?
A. volt/ampere
B. volt ampere
C. watt
D. joule/second

13.The capacity of a cell is measured in…
A. ampere
B. ampere-hours
C. watts
D. watts-hours

14.The energy stored in a lead acid battery in the form of…
A. Electromagnetic energy
B. Chemical energy
C. Charged ions
B. Electrostatic energy

15.Resistance of which material does not change with change in temperature ?
A. Platinum. B. Tungsten. C. manganin D. Carbon

16.Cells are connected in parallel…
A. to increase current capacity
B. to increase output voltage
C. to increase internal resistance
D. none of above

17.Which is the lightest particle of atom?
A. Electron
B. proton
C. Neutron
D. All of above

18.when full charged a cell (battery), the specific gravity of electrolyte is...
A. 1.300 B. 1.200 C. 1.100 D. 3.100

19.Choke (Ballast) is used in a tube light...
A. to create limit voltage.
B. to create limit current.
C. to create high voltage.
D. to create high voltage and limited current.

20.Electrolyte of lead acid battery is…
A. H2So4
C. ZnSo4
D. None of above

21.Which of the following bulbs will have the least resistance ?
A. 220 V, 60 W
B. 220 V, 100 W
C. 115 V, 100 W
D. 115 V, 60 W

22.Three identical resistors are first connected in parallel and then in series. The resultant resistance of the first combination to the second will be..
A. high currents
B. DC circuits
C. semi-conductors
D. small Resistor

23.Which material is expected to have least resistivity?
A. 3 times.
B. 9 times.
C. 1 / 9 times.
D. 1 / 3 times.

24.Low resistance can be accurately measured by…
A. Wheat stone bridge
B. Kelvin bridge
C. Wein's bridge
D. None of above

25.A lamp of 100 W at 200 V is supplied current at 100 volts. It will be equivalent to the lamp of
A. 50W
B. 100W
C. 25W
D. 10W

26.Which resistor will be physically larger in size ?
A. 10 ohm, 50 W
B. 100 ohm, 10 W
C. 1000 ohm, 1 W
D. 1 M ohm, 1/2 W

27.All good conductors have high
A. resistance
B. conductance.
C. electrical and thermal conductivity
D. electrical conductivity

28.When checked with an ohm meter an open resistor reads
A. zero
B. infinite.
C. low but not zero
D. high but within tolerance

29.The element of electric heater is made of
A. nichrome.
B. carbon
C. steel
D. copper

30.Which of the following material is not used as fuse material?
A. Silver
B. Carbon.
C. Aluminium
D. Copper

31. The substances which have a large number of free electrons and offer a low resistance are called
A. insulators
B. conductors
C. semi-conductors
D. inductors

32. Conductance is reciprocal of
A. resistance
B. inductance
C. reluctance
D. capacitance

33. For which of the following ‘ampere second’ could be the unit ?
A. Charge
B. Magnetic Flux
C. Power
D. Energy

34. Two resistances Rl and R2 are connected in series across a voltage source where Rl>R2. The largest drop will be across
A. R1
B. R2
C. same drop in both resistances
D. none of them

35. The hot resistance of a material is higher than its cold resistance because the temperature co-efficient of the material is
(a) zero
(b) negative
(c) positive
(d) none of above

36. A 100-watt bulb is connected in series with a room heater. If the 100-watt bulb is replaced by a 40-watt bulb, the heater output will be
A. decrease
B. increase
C. remain same
D. heater will burn out

37. Two lamps 100 W and 40 W are connected in series across 230 V AC. Which of the following statement is correct ?
A. 40 W lamp will glow brighter
B. 100 W lamp will glow brighter
C. Both lamps will glow equally bright
D. 40 W lamp will fuse

38. Sparking occurs when a load is switched off because the circuit has high
A. resistance
B. capacitance
C. inductance
D. impedance

39.An instrument which detects current is known as
A. voltmeter.
B. galvanometer.
C. wattmeter.
D. rheostat

40. When current passes through a metallic conductor, it temperature rises. This is due to
A. mutual collisions between conducting electrons.
B. the release of conduction electrons from parent atoms.
C. mutual collisions between metal atoms.
D. collisions between conduction electrons and atoms.

41. When resistance element of a heater burns and then we reconnect it after removing a portion of it, the power of the heater will
A. decrease
B. increase
C. remain constant
D. none of the above

42. Ohm’s law is not applicable to
A. high currents
B. D.C. circuits
C. small resistors
D. semi-conductors

43. A thermistor has-
A. positive temperature coefficient
B. negative temperature coefficient
C. zero temperature coefficient
D. variable temperature coefficient

44. Cork Screw rule is used to find
A. direction of magnetic field.
B. direction of current.
C. direction of electric field.
D. direction of emf.

45. Sparking occurs when a load is switched off because the circuit has high
A. resistance
B. capacitance
C. inductance
D. impedance

46. An current of 5 A is same as
A. 5 J / C.
B. 5 C / Sec.
C. 5 V / C.
D. 5 W / C.

47. Electric current passing through the circuit produces
A. magnetic effect.
B. thermal effect.
C. luminius effect.
D. all of above.

48. If a piece of metal wire is stretched, its resistance will -
A. increase
B. decrease
C. remain same
D. none of above.

49. The electrons in the last orbit of an atom are called--
A. free electrons
B. valence electrons
C. bound electron
D. All of Above

50. A heater coil rated at 1000W, 220V is connected to 110v line. Power consumed is--
A. 250W
B. 100W
C. 500W
D. 110W

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