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Friday, March 2, 2018

EEE MCQ: Electrical Measurement

EEE MCQ: Electrical Measurement
EEE Interview Tips. Important EEE MCQ: Electrical Measurement. Click "Answer", find right Answer-
Answer লেখা ইমেজে ক্লিক করলে উত্তর অপশন দেখাবে।
1) A Multimeter is used to measure....
A) Current
B) Voltage
C) Resistance
D) All of Above

2) A moving coil voltmeter is measure...
A) only DC Voltage
B) Only AC Voltage
C) both DC and AC Voltage
D) All of above

3) The galvanometer has constant?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

4) The unit of sensitivity is...
A) Ohm/volt
B) Ohm
C) volt/ohm
D) all of above

5) Which type of instrument is called universal instrument?
A) Moving coil
B) Moving Iron
C) Both A and B option
D) None of above.

6) ... are instruments which measure the insulation resistance of electric circuit relative to earth and one another.
A) Megger
B) ohmmeter
C) Serier ohmmeter
D) none of above

7) A null type of instrument as compared to a deflection type instrument has
A) A higher accuracy
B) A lower accuracy
C) A faster response
D) none of above

8) Maxwell wein bridge is used for measuring.
A) Di-electric loss
B) Capacitance
C) Inductance
D) none of above

9) Moving iron instruments can be used for measuring
A) alternating current and voltage
B) direct current and voltage
C) Both A and B option
D) none of above

10) The current sensitivity of meter is expressed by...
A) ohm/volt
B) Ampere/division
C) Ammeter
D) none of above

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